COOCS Website Problems

Having difficulty?

Hi There and welcome to COOCS!

It’s great that you can be here with us and we are hoping we can create something unique and exciting that open s up learning to people anywhere.  We also know that as a small team of volunteers we are not always going to be the most slick technology-wise.

Please don’t give up on us!

If you have any issues with elements of the website that do not work, you can do one of two things.

Firstly, contact David at


use the form below which will go to David via the COOCs admin team (me!).

We really do want to make this a great resource for you to use and generate community learning.  We will do all we can, it won’t be perfect (at least, not immediately) but we value your time and interest and hope we can build this together.

Great to see you here, all problems have solutions!