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  • Smartphone Thinking

    Area of Learning: SMART PHONE THINKING

    Ever wanted to know how to make the most of your new smartphone? Whether you're a new smartphone user or someone who is familiar with the basics but wants to know more - then this course is just for you!

  • Research and Development toolkit

    Area of Learning: Education

    This pilot session is part of a course aimed at practitioners (or anyone else who is interested) who are new to ideas of research and/or development and want to explore them further. 

     It is adapted from original materials by the Research Development Skills Agency (2001) Please help us evaluate how these work online and let us know if you think the pilot session is useful!

  • FAB Digital for Together Housing

    A short online community course which welcomes Together Housing tenants with an enthusiasm for digital to share their knowledge and skills, while growing their digital confidence. Thye'll go on to run FAB development sessions locally and find ways to help other tenants get to grips with Together's digital systems. Everyone involved will contribute to a unique shared project, and if people want to they will be able to explore further learning and employment opportunities they are interested in.

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Getting involved is all there is to it

Getting involved is all there is to it