COOCs and the RSA

This week COOCs featured in the RSA newsletter under the ‘Big Idea’ section and the article is linked to below.  It is great to have some backing from an organisation like the RSA as it promotes the spreading of ideas, thinking and action beyond the walls of the institutions.  I hope that each of you can benefit from some increased exposure and if you have any ideas of how we can help you develop and promote your courses please get in touch.

The emphasis is always on the development of you as course creators and the communities of learners you serve.  What our own COOCs community can hopefully offer is a supportive and vibrant space to exchange ideas on how we make courses more engaging,  the templates of teaching and learning, of sharing knowledge, are not fixed, static or even stable.  They are free-flowing and responsive to how each of us envisions them.  We can break the mould of who does the teaching and what is taught and it is an exciting time for us to add our ideas, skills and practices to the discussion.

Here is the RSA article and it would be great to see COOC creators commenting on the RSA blog or here.  The more we get involved, the more we can see each of our COOCs develop.


There is an exciting and impressive approach to developing a well being course by Jo Riley that has gone live this week.  Wellbeing through Floristry attempts to merge real world skills and practical application of creative potential in a supportive and developmental way.   Jo has used an existing interest in how activity and participation can help loosen the ties of mental anxiety to begin a course of personal growth.  It begins with floristry and will grow to include cookery. photography, art and other creative pursuits.  We wish Jo all the best with her COOC and hope that some of you are able to sign up, take part, make something beautiful and help yourselves and the community become even more active and alive.

Let us know if you want to share anything with others via the blog and tell us what COOCs you have got planned.  we hope to develop the ‘how to COOC’ course soon and really all we are waiting for is some ideas and offers of help.

Get in touch, stay happy

Much Love


February 7, 2015 Blog

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