A range of courses here that are able to discuss various ways in which we create a fair and equal world.  These may be about raising awareness, sharing different cultures and practices and even sharing your own approach to life.


What is racism?  The recent issues at Wigan Athletic have met with a mixed reaction and highlighted some very differing concerns over what fairness is, what equality means, how we define racism and when comments are not offensive, and when they are.

Is it enough to say that if someone (anyone) is offended, then the comment is offensive?  Is it the case that there is a hard and fast rule about what racism/ sexism/ homophobia is? 

On this course the goal is to look at the different ways the subject is tackled with the aim of raising awareness, allowing people to ask questions and promoting an honest and open exchange of views that can help develop the ways we look at recent events and make changes to avoid such upset in the future.

I have been a Wigan fan since 1979 and have watched the team through all four divisions and consider my a true fan.  I have decided not to go again until there is something that happens which suggest we are part of the solution to racism in football.
This course is part of that response.  We do not want to make cahnges at the football club as that is not something we can do.
As fans, we want to create a course that allows us to discuss issues like this, add our own thoughts and be prepared to develop as people, as a club and as different communities.

The area has been home to many, many examples of inclusive and broadening boundaries - good practices, totally at odds with many of the comments being made now about the club and the town. 

Part of this little space will hope to show how different views exists, what they mean and whether there is a 'right on' approach that is wrong, or is racism wrong in every case?

We can rebuild a reputation for the club that highlights how we have embraced difference in the past and continue to do so now.