This category is a place to share ideas about teaching and learning with technology.  You can include play, experimentation, new ideas, trying things out or showing others what you have made.

This course is made up of a series of videos that each share knowledge on the different features of Instagram including a video demonstrating how to create and set up and Instagram account.

This is the workshop space for the HEFCE Catalyst project.  It will allow the project team to share ideas, review and amend our production and build up materials for the project website.

If you would like to know more about the project and the team, contact Peter on 

A short online community course which welcomes Together Housing tenants with an enthusiasm for digital to share their knowledge and skills, while growing their digital confidence. Thye'll go on to run FAB development sessions locally and find ways to help other tenants get to grips with Together's digital systems. Everyone involved will contribute to a unique shared project, and if people want to they will be able to explore further learning and employment opportunities they are interested in.

Learn to get to grips with everyday technology. currently technology is being more integrated with lives today and so this course will allow individuals to be able to use it in their life. 

Wudu is the purification of the body before prayer. This is a short 7 step video showing the correct process of performing the Wudu.

Are you a new email user and are struggling with the basics on how to use email? Whether your a new iphone user and want to know how to use email or just want to know the basics. 

Then this course is just for you!

Teacher: Saresh Jameel

This course is designed to incorporate a technical aspect to the training procedures at Tesco. Training procedures at Tesco are face-to-face and having a course where you can look back at in your own time can be very beneficial. These training courses are created to make you the best employee you can be!