This category contains courses which are involved in the area of mental health

Feel Good Floristry

Inspired by the five ways to mental wellbeing philosophy, this course is an opportunity to engage in the creative art of floristry.

This is a course developed in the light of the critical psychiatry movement which is a disparate collection of dialogues and challenges around the concepts which make up the the psychiatric world as we know it.

It is inspired by many of the contributions, particularly Mad Peoples History degree course at Ryerson University, Oor Mad History project in the Lothians, and the Mad Matters textbook which was brought together around this emerging area of study.

This online course is pieced together from many sources and persectives to reveal a deeper and outward looking idea of madness and psychiatry.  People will be introduced to some of the major themes in psychiatry, psychology, sociology and critical methodologies so that they develop their own understanding of this complex area of life.

Borrowing from the research methodology known as Action Research, I have created this course to facilitate positive social change in the area of mental health management, as well as challenge the ideas which people bring to the area of behaviour and the psyche.

People will be walked through a number of themes which have structured questions which will be answered by creating essays and written narratives over time.  By the end students which follow all the activities will have created a book examining perspectives in madness that reflects their own particular positions on the topics.