What are Study Skills?  What is Gonzo?  These questions and more will be explored in this collaborative course.  After years in education, I am starting a new module in Study Skills, the first time I have done this for other people.  It is a wonderful opportunity to develop a course in which those doing it become the ones making it - as we go along, we create our own resources based on experiences, new knowledge, myths shattered, ideas formed and practical steps that will allow us to become better academics.  

That is the study skills bit - it is also the Gonzo bit!  Gonzo pedagogy is the idea that we can create together, place ourselves at the centre of the learning, and create what the knowledge is based on what we need, what our experiences are. As we start this course together, we are learning with, from and through each other.   What it looks like is down to us (whoever 'us' is, we will have this open to anyone!).  

The sap of this course is rising, energy is alive within us, let's create!