Education, what is it? Often enough it seems trapped and locked away in colleges, universities, schools.  It's something people do in courses and that, if you do enough of it, gets you riches beyond your wildest dreams!

So, as that patently isn't true, let's think again what education is, and more importantly for us, can we change what it is by being ourselves, together?

This course is running on COOCs so ANYONE can take part (yes, that does mean you, in fact it especially means YOU!). It is part of the Education Studies degree at University Centre Blackburn, so some people pretty much HAVE TO DO IT! 

For anyone else, it's an option, a chance to be involved as fully, or as lightly, as you wish. 

We are being open about materials, and discussion, you can start anytime, finish whenever you like, contribute an assignment for peer marking, or not.  You decide how you interact and hopefully we can answer some of our questions about what education is - and whether we can change it for ourselves.