The aim of this online learning platform is to support children who are in Key Stage 2 and are studying in a primary school in Lancashire (which cannot be named due to data protection reasons) with their SATS revision in the subject of Mathematics.

A 'how to' guide will be provided at the start of this course in order to assist those who are unfamiliar with COOC's and to help children navigate around the site easily.

I am currently a second year undergraduate student training to become a primary school teacher. I intend to encourage extra-curricular revision and set this course as a collaborative learning platform in which children can interact with me playing the role of the teacher and facilitating children's learning, through an online chat/forum.

I understand that many children use BBC Bitesize as a basic revision tool. However, I have found that it adopts a much standardised approach to learning rather than a local one which will meet the needs of certain individuals. Therefore, I have catered my course to appeal to a small group of children in a specific community, studying in a specific school. I have done this by updating the course on a weekly basis in order to keep up to date with what the children are learning. This learning platform will be based on the national curriculum itself, but I aim to show that there are several ways to approach it. 

This course will abide by the guidelines of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (1998), hence it will take place in a closed environment and personal space wherein children will require my permission in order to enrol on and have access to this course. This will ensure that guest access is forbidden and privacy and confidentiality is maintained. 

I hope you find this course beneficial and good luck with your revision!