Throughout the world there are a significant number of Urdu speakers living as minority communities, in countries including the UK, the USA, Saudi Arabia, and Bangladesh.

This course covers the simple phrases of the Urdu Language as used in day to day life. The English phrases are translated to an Urdu audio recording, with a phonetic equivalent shown in English. Phrases are in dialogue format, and cover a range of situations.

The course is designed for adults. However, children can also access and learn the phrases without too much difficulty. The course is designed for people who are interested in learning basic Urdu because of their profession, such as doctors, social workers, teachers and shopkeepers. The course will help its users interact with those people who can only communicate in Urdu. The course will also allow anyone who is interested in speaking to a friend or neighbour in Urdu to learn some basic phrases.


Read the English phrase, then the English transliteration of the equivalent Urdu phrase, and then double click on the microphone to listen the pronunciation of the phrase in Urdu. By regular practise you will be able to learn the Urdu sentences. To check your progress there is a self assessment in which you will convert English phrases into Urdu.

Further Knowledge

You are welcome to ask for phrases and words to be translated into Urdu.