My first try-out of COOCs (except as a participant)! 

Snow day is a great opportunity to genuinely try out an alternative approach to education! Here's what happened when I did this with a group of students a few years ago:

More guidance coming your way - we'll operate across COOCs, Twitter and Facebook. This 'pop-up' course can be a genuinely co-created, rhizomatic experience - I'll provide the prompts and you can take it where you want it to go. Loads of opportunity for the sort of reflexion which will really help your grades.

Throw yourself into it and see how enjoyable it can be! 

Course Content

9.30-10.30 Why is my curriculum white?

10.30-11.30 Identity, intersectionality and privilege

11.30-12.30 'I come from...' and post-identitarian pedagogy

Watch the structure emerge as we go through the morning.

Lou x