My name is Claire and I would like to start by giving you a very warm welcome. 

This COOC has been created for students just like you and me. I am currently in my third year of studying. An integral part of my studies has been the feedback and grades which I have received throughout, this has allowed me to reflect and make changes for my future assignments,exams and projects. 

However I have not always found the written comments to be very useful, and have often been left feeling frustrated at the quality of the feedback. On several occasions I have found myself discussing these points with my peers. 

Often feedback has been released out of teaching hours, and I have been unable to question it with the tutor. 

Peers have been able to offer clarity, support and encouragement, as well as giving a good old pat on the back for effort. 

I want to create a safe space for us students to discuss feedback and grades .... I hope you will engage with the idea and create a peer community.... remembering we can all do this !!