My name is Tasnim and I am your course administrator. I am currently in my final year of studying BA Hons Education Studies and alongside my studies i work at a  nursery as a level three early years practitioner.

The COOCs has been created for the level 3 early years practitioners that work in the same nursery establishment as myself. The fundamental part of having this key role in society  is to ensure best practice is applied at all times in the service we provide to parents for their child.

However , I recently notice a lack of good practice in preparing and handling food safely at the nursery , which was agreed with by  the nursery  manager as she believed it was a issue to . 

Often ,staff were forgetting to  wear the blue aprons before preparing and serving meals, they were not abiding to the nursery policy which was a reoccurring problem that I witnessed.

I have intended to create a safe environment for free where the staff in my setting , myself and the nursery manager can work together ,by collaborating , sharing knowledge and learning the importance of always  adapting best practice. 

Please have a quick read of the ethical and Data protection guidelines section before commencing. Furthermore visit the Crap Detection section before posting material on the Forum.

I hope you all join in ,to support each other practice for the benefit of our nursery that ' strives to provide the best service they can'

Thank You.