• What are MOOCs and COOCs?

      What are MOOCs and COOCs?  We will start with a look at each and look at them in relation to three key features
      the role of student
      the role of teacher
      the role of knowledge
      You can start to consider the ways that each of these will have an impact on your own contexts.  Does it appeal to you as way of learning?  How about creating opportunities for staff in your organisations?
    • Using MOOCs and COOCs

      In this section we will have a look at the ways you consider MOOCs and/ or COOCs could be of any value to you personally or professionally.  

      Do they offer you a space for development?  Would they replace your own staff development? Are there issues with relevance? What about accreditation?

      Many questions will be raised and in this section (along with  a few articles and resources added)  the main purpose is to share thoughts and ideas.  

    • COOCs in Human Resources Development

      In this section we will consider how COOCs can help generate staff training and development.



    • Section 4