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  • Why is grammar important?

    The English language is one which can be quite complex but if used correctly it will not seem as complex as one may think!

    Many people are now social media users and it would seem that many of those users would have noticed others' spelling and grammar errors.

    Why is grammar important?

    We use grammar to communication and in writing.That little apostrophe can make a lot of difference to the tone of the sentence you are writing or that comma can help make better sense of that sentence.

    Before we continue take a look at the following video by Glove and Boots, a little light hearted laughter for you!

    • Topic 1 - Understanding Plurals

    • Topic 2 - Understanding the difference between certain words

    • Topic 3 - Commas can save lives!

      The above image is a clear example of how easily it is to misuse English.   A comma (or a breather as I call it) can break down your sentence and change the whole context of the sentence in an instance.

    • Topic 4 - Apostrophes - A simple approach

    • Let's test!

    • Books of Interest

      Below are a list of materials which I find an interesting read when it comes to grammar and spelling.  

      Take a look for yourself,  you should find the reading enjoyable!

      Hitchings, H. (2011). The language wars. London: John Murray.

      Truss, L. (2004). Eats, shoots & leaves. New York: Gotham Books.