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  • FAB Digital for Together Housing

    A short online community course which welcomes Together Housing tenants with an enthusiasm for digital to share their knowledge and skills, while growing their digital confidence. Thye'll go on to run FAB development sessions locally and find ways to help other tenants get to grips with Together's digital systems. Everyone involved will contribute to a unique shared project, and if people want to they will be able to explore further learning and employment opportunities they are interested in.

  • Familiarising yourself with the basic features

    Area of Learning: SMART PHONE THINKING

    Standard phone features (Android and iOS)


  • Outdoor Lectures - taking inside outside

    Area of Learning: Education

    This course comes from a revelation, we can leave the clutches of convention, just by moving about!

    I was recently preparing a class on Paulo Freire and popular education.  It was a signiifcant foundation class in a project-based module, the theoretical base for working with others to create projects using technology.

    What we decided was we would take a lecture, primarily intended for the strip-lighting illumination of the institution, and take ot outside to the bright glare and glory of the sunshine. 

    In this course, we tell the tale of what we did, how we used every-day technology to create a lasting series of artefacts, and some of the discussion we had around the benefits and negatives of our approach.

    This course is for anyone interested in education in the braodest sense - whether that is formal lecturing, work-based L&D, parents reaching children, friends teaching friends,  anyone with soemthing to share (and that IS everyone).

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Getting involved is all there is to it

Getting involved is all there is to it