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  • The Dancing Princesses

    Area of Learning: Education

  • Posthuman Education

    Area of Learning: Education

    This COOC offers the opportunity for educationalists of all kinds to explore posthuman approaches to education.

    Drawing on critical posthuman theory, and acting as 'cosmic artisans' (more on this later!) we will explore three concepts in relation to new imaginations of curriculum and pedagogy:

    • the Rhizome
    • the Nomad War Machine
    • Posthuman Assemblages.

    Findings and explorations undertaken within this COOC will contribute to a PhD study which aims to answer the following questions:

    - How does posthuman education manifest itself?

    - What drives educators to work in ways which might be considered 'posthuman'?

    Participants will be fully briefed on the research project and its aims on sign-up to the COOC.

  • COOCs goes to Liverpool!

    What are COOCs?  Where did they come from?  What is their purpose and how can you get involved? 

    This is a course aligned with a one day visit to the great educators of Liverpool John Moores University on 19th February 2019.  It can linger longer

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Getting involved is all there is to it

Getting involved is all there is to it